Meg Lee Chin

Instead of spending £330 billion (and escalating) to bailout business and property owners, Rishi Sunak could have spent a lot less simply sheltering those most vulnerable and reinforcing the NHS.

With an estimated 10 million people at risk in the UK, £10,000 per person could provide food deliveries, testing and PPE for care workers, the modification of living space, deep cleaning services, and technology such as webcams for social contact. This would come to about £100 billion.

Another £100 billion could be spent upgrading the NHS with ventilators and PPE equipment. This would still be less than half of the £435 billion spent to bail out the banks in 2008.

With societies most vulnerable protected and a reinforced NHS, we could then allow the virus to follow its natural course amongst the remaining younger, healthier population. As the death rate for the young and healthy is about the same as flu, the NHS should be able to cope. A herd immunity would develop to protect us for the next season.

The Tube would run. Cafes, bars and restaurants would stay open.

Life would go on as usual.