Meg Lee Chin

Some believe that 5G causes coronavirus. But could 5G actually be beneficial to health?

There is strong evidence that large doses of radio waves causes cancer in rats.

However, what's more interesting is that those exposed rats also lived longer.

This leads me to suspect a similarity between the effects of radio fequencies (RF) and infrared light. These sit near each other on the electromagnetic spectrum. Red, infrared and near infrared light have been found to have anti-aging and anti-dementia properties. Red light of 660 NM is used in beauty parlours. I use them myself to erase wrinkles.

Some scientists worry that the increase in mitochondrial growth associated with anti-aging technologies could stimulate cancer. The study of radio frequencies creating both anti-aging and cancer effects in rats may be relevant here.

My own feeling is that all radio frequency including 5G must be studied more thoroughly for both their health benefits and negative effects upon the human body.

But could Covid19 stem from 5G use?

I doubt it. The rat studies were conducted over their lifespans and used doses far exceeding that of humans with cellphones. 5G also uses far less power than 2G, 3G or 4G. Hence any effects of RF upon humans would be cumulative, over a lifetime.

For me, the 5G theory falls down flat as an explanation for any sudden, rapidly spreading illness.