Meg Lee Chin

Growing up in the US, Americans like me felt powerless every time our government trotted off to kill innocents in faraway lands. After all, I was just one voter in an overwhelming sea of voters.

For whenever power concentrates, ever-fewer hands make blanket decisions for ever-larger groups of people. This diminishes the sense of responsibility for each individual. It's a situation which left me feeling trapped. I watched helplessly as power was transferred from the states to the federal government over my lifetime.

As the central government became more powerful, the formation of larger and larger citizen groups became necessary to combat corruption and enact change. This required a lot of money. So paradoxically, it became more difficult to resist the temptation to sell out along the way. Many began to convince themselves that the ends would justify the means.

So imagine the sense of empowerment I got when I arrived in London? Suddenly my one voice might actually get heard. Here, one could take a train and march directly outside Parliament. Getting press and the tv attention was no longer such an impossibility for those without deep pockets.

There was a greater sense of independence knowing that change could come from a more grassroots level. The difference was striking for an American like me who had come to accept the futility of trying to fight the powers that be.

But recently the old feeling of helplessness has returned. Last week we saw a power grab never witnessed before.

The UK Supreme Court was formed by Tony Blair in 2009 under the instructions of the European Union. Though previously, few were even aware of its existence, last week this unelected EU mandated body boldly asserted its power to overrule the elected government.

The EU itself was heavily bankrolled during its inception by the American Committee for a United Europe. Its aim was to destroy national sovereignty in order to create a European Empire which would facilitate the interests of globalist multinational corporations. With power concentrated into a few unelected hands, the continent would be easier to control. Hence it was designed to be fully shielded from the prying eyes of democracy and offer a backdoor to corruption. Just like in the US, the EU government has been gradually siphoning power away from national governments.

To my horror, many of my friends are begging to remain in the European Union. Years of propaganda and the clever targeting of society's "influencers" has paid off. We see their big blue logo plastered all over the halls of academia, arts, science and other "progressive" institutions.

Many of my mates have told me they believe the EU is a "force for good"

So today my helplessness has sunk lower into despair. It's as if I've just woken up to discover I'm living in a nightmare version of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

Are there any humans?