Meg Lee Chin

There was a rumour of a creature brought to life by alchemists. The creature had no soul. It's only intention was to survive. But with no conscience and survival as it's only raison d'etre, the entity was inherently evil. Likewise artificial intelligence is such a man made creature. It can work either toward good or evil depending on whether the programmer decides to provide it a conscience.

Silicon Valley is an entity that has evolved to shape and manipulate our thoughts and cognitive biases. This manipulation is a downgrading of humanity. But although some insist there is a deliberate plan, the scarier likelihood is that the entity is more akin to a Frankenstein than a human.

For groups and cultures can form single personalities. Collectively they evolve a hive mind that transcends the minds of the individuals involved. Instead of fulfilling the goals of the individuals, the entity is driven toward survival. It is a creature without a conscience (C.O.C.) and bent on survival.

We'll need more than luck in the battle with these COCs. For they are comprised of the brightest of human minds. Hence the challenge is to neutralize these anti-human COCs with pro-human CWCs (Creatures With a Conscience).

In the meantime... has anyone noticed that Google has removed "Thou shall not be evil" from their manifesto?