Meg Lee Chin

Please copy, paste and email this to your MP or local councilor;

Dear {My MP or Councilor},

In order for councils to acquire affordable property at a discounted rate, please enact the following plan;

1. An elderly person may opt to buy a property on a sliding scaled discount (30-80%) based on age and expected longevity.

2. The government pays the discount.

3. Upon the person's death, the property goes toward government council stock.

4. The cost of the property to the government is the price of the discount (30-80%.

This would be of benefit to those without dependents and with no need to leave an inheritance. It would allow them to live in homes or places they couldn't otherwise afford. It would also give them the security of a stable home for the rest of their lives with no payments or other strings attached.

Yours sincerely,